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snoozies!® Reorders by print and size

Reorder by creating your own custom case! Select up to SIX different print or size packs to fill your case. Your custom case must total and be in MULTIPLES of SIX packs (6 pair in each pack=total of 36 pair) using any combination of the print patterns or size packs shown on any footcovering reorder page - you can combine women's SIZE or PRINT packs in your custom case. Summary: You may order 6, 12, 18 etc. packs as long as the MINIMUM ordered in total equals 36 pair.

Please note that when you enter "1" in the order quantity box for a specific print or size pack you are ordering 1 pack of six pair of that print or size. Sorry, reorders by specific size and print are not available.

When done, click the "Add to Cart" button.

If you have not selected the proper number of packs to fill your first, second, third, etc. custom case assortments, you will receive a message at checkout indicating that you need to add more packs to properly fill your order.

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