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Spring UPCs

Baby snoozies Blankets Group 1 Collection - C14-BBLANKET-G1.xls

Baby snoozies Blankets Group 2 Collection - C14-BBLANKET-G2.xls

Baby snoozies Group 1 Collection - C14-BABSNZ-G1.xls

Baby snoozies Group 2 Collection - C14-BABSNZ-G2.xls

Tweens Spring Brights Bling Assortment - C-SP14-TW Bling.xls

Womens Classic snoozies Animal Assortment 1 - C-S14-AS1.xls

Womens Classic snoozies Animal Assortment 2 - C-S14-AS2.xls

Womens Classic snoozies Cool Geometrics Assortment - C-S14-CG.xls

Womens Classic snoozies Dots and Hearts Assortment - C-S14-DH.xls

Womens Classic snoozies Fresh Prints Assortment - C-S14-FP.xls

Womens Classic snoozies Premium Plush Assortment - C-14-PPLUSH.xls

Womens Skinnies By the Sea Skinnies - C14-SKS-BTS.xls

Womens Skinnies Conversationals Skinnies - C14-SKS-CON.xls

Womens Skinnies Modern Animals Skinnies - C14-SKS-MA.xls

Womens Skinnies Wild For Dots Skinnies - C14-SKS-WFD.xls

Womens Spring Brights Bling Asstortment - C14-SWBLING.xls

USA Carryover Style UPCs

Baby Booties 2012 Collection - C-BABSBT-F12-A.xls

Baby Booties Collection - C-F13-BOOTIE-BAB.xls

Baby Hot Mocs Collection - C-F13-BAB-HOTMOC.xls

Baby Skinnies Collection - C-SSK13-BAB.xls

Mens Life Collection - C-F12-SML.xls

Mens Plaid Collection - C-F13-MENS-MP.xls

Mens Suede Collection - C-F13-MENS-MSD.xls

Toddlers Group 2 Collection - C-F13-TODDLER G2.xls

Toddlers OMG Collection - C-F13-TODDLER-OMG.xls

Toddlers Two Tone Collection - C-F13-TODDLER-FATT.xls

Tween Boys Collection C-F13-TWEEN-BOYS.xls

Tweens Couture Collection C-F13-TW-COUTURE.xls

Tweens DIP DYED OMG Collection - C-F13-TWEEN-DD-OMG.xls

Tweens Fab 2 Collection - C- F13-TWEEN Fab 2.xls

Tweens Gemtone Slumber Sleepers - C-F13-TWEEN-GT-SBSS.xls

Tweens Hot Mocs Collection - C-F13-TWEEN-HOTMOC.xls

Tweens Iridescent Sequin Ballerina Bling - C-F13-TWEEN-IRBLING.xls

Tweens Metallic Shine Sequin Ballerina Bling - C-F13-TWEEN-SBLING.xls

Tweens OMG Collection - C-F13-TWEEN-OMG.xls

Tweens Pastel Slumber Sleepers - C-F13-TWEEN-PAS-SBSS.xls

Tweens Two Tone Collection - C-F13-TWEEN-FATT.xls

Tweens Velvet Ballerina Collection - C-F13-TWEEN-VB.xls

Womens Animal Skins Collection - C- F13-AS.xls

Womens Breast Cancer Awareness Slumber Sleepers - C-F13-BCA-SBSS.xls

Womens Breast Cancer Skinnies Collection - C-SSK13-BCR.xls

Womens Breast Cancer snoozies Collection - C-F2011BCR.xls

Womens Classic Metallic Shine Bling - C-F13-WS-SBLING.xls

Womens Classic Metallic Shine Bling Red Only - C-F13-SBLING-RED36.xls

Womens Couture Shine C-F13-COUTURE SHINE.xls

Womens Dip-Dyed OMG Collection C-F13-WS-DDOMG.xls

Womens Hot Mocs Collection - C-F13-WHOTMOC.xls

Womens Metallic Animal Couture - C-F13-WM-Animal Couture.xls

Womens OMG Collection C-F13-WS-DDOMG.xls

Womens Outdoor Suede Moccasin all Colors.xls

Womens Pastel Slumber Sleepers - C-F13-PAS-SBSS.xls

Womens Sequin Animal Couture - C-F13-WS-Animal Couture.xls

Womens Sequin Ballerina Bling - C-F13-WS-IRBLING.xls

Womens Sleep Collection F13-Sleep.xls

Womens Sneaker Socks - C-F13-SNEAKERSOCK.xls

Womens Tried and True Collection - C-F13-TandT.xls

Womens Two Tone Collection - C-F13-WFATT.xls

Womens Velvet Ballerina - C-F13-VB100T.xls

Womens Velvet Ballerina - C-F13-WVB.xls

Womens Velvet Shine Ballerina Couture - C-F13-WS-VSB.xls

Womens Western Wear Collection C-F13-WW.xls